Inside Our New Look

This year is a pivotal moment for us. As we move from “two guys roasting coffee in our basement” to our Ferndale location, mobile brew bar, and pursuing regional distribution, we’ve also upgraded our branding from “Did your nephew make this?” to something that can scale with us as we blow the eff up this summer (wishful thinking but that’s the hope!). Massive thanks to Jim Alleman for setting us up with our new positioning, visual ID, packaging and website.

On that note: It takes a village to raise a brand. If not for irreplaceable talent and vision from people like Don Ball (video), Zack Smith (design), Josh Pettovello (SEO/Marketing), et al., we would never be poised to break out like we are today.

Anyway, so, our new branding. Gooseneck is (obviously if you are a coffee snob) named after a gooseneck kettle, which is named after the fact that it looks like the neck of a goose. We decided to lean all the way in to that and adopt the goose as our mascot. Specifically, the Canadian Goose, which is prevalent in our home state and migrates great distances, just like we’re migrating coffee beans from all over the world to Detroit. Add to that the fact that geese are known for strength in numbers, living in community, and it’s a perfect representation of our philosophy and vision.

Our Logo

Our primary mark is a minimalist overhead angle of a coffee cup that doubles as a “G”. The custom wordmark is built off the proportions of a goose egg, and features a swash-y “K” inspired by a gooseneck kettle.

After all that talk of embracing the “goose” in “gooseneck”, why wouldn’t we include a nod to a goose in our primary brand mark? Because it ends up being a lot more fun to use geese as a supporting visual element, and this ensures that we can always anchor our layouts with a simple mark that isn’t clashing or redundant next to those illustrations.

Our Brand Line & Rallying Cry

When we say “Really good coffee,” we’re talking about coffee that is farmed in a way that isn’t causing harm to the local environment where it’s grown. Coffee that has been roasted with precision and a commitment to craft. And of course, coffee that tastes really freaking good.

“Lifting people up” is a play on the “uplift” that geese create when they flap their wings in their “V” formation, which helps the whole flock fly almost twice as far than if each bird flew alone. Our coffee helps people go farther together; as individuals, friends, and communities. From supporting the women and men all over the world who cultivate the beans, to connecting people through conversation over a shared cup, Gooseneck’s vision is to reinforce and inspire strong, loving communities.


After exploring supporting graphic elements like lettering, iconography, pattern, et al., we ultimately landed on hand-drawn illustrations, which add a sense of warmth, humanity and craft, giving us our edge when paired with our minimalist mark.


Gooseneck has a simple, purposeful roasting philosophy: allow each bean’s unique qualities, nuances and flavor to stand out. A cup of Colombian coffee might have deep chocolate and sugar tones, while a cup of Ethiopian coffee could taste like vibrant berries and tea. We applied a visual version of this idea to generate our color palette by sampling the most distinct pixels from a photo of a cup of coffee.

All Together Now

Ah, the fun part. So far we’ve applied our new branding to everything from our product packaging to our website; even a mobile brew bar. The response has been overwhelmingly positive in our first week and we’re thrilled to see what new heights (there’s a flying goose pun in here somewhere) we can achieve in the coming months.