Donation Saturdays

Amidst a global pandemic and the inability to create a proactive national response, amidst social unrest due to longstanding racial inequality that was set in the foundation of this country, and as the wage gap between the ridiculously wealthy and the poor and working-class continues to grow larger and larger, we have found ourselves asking, “What more can we be doing?”

What We Stand For

We know that we don’t have the funds to single-handedly take on any one of these issues, let alone all of them. However, on June 6th, we managed to raise money to donate to three different organizations fighting against racial inequality and police brutality.  It was through our belief that we are all stronger together as a community that we chose to pledge our profits toward these causes.

We also want to encourage people to come together and be more in a community than they could be on their own.

At Gooseneck, we have two phrases that sum up what we stand for as a company. The first is that we aim to be “Really good coffee that lifts people up.” This means a few things, but at its core, we promise to do what we can to make people’s lives better, and that starts with providing really good coffee.

The second is “Fly strong. Fly together.” Two independent thoughts, that compliment each other. We want to encourage everyone that you, as an individual, are a strong person. You are enough. We also want to encourage people to come together and be more in a community than they could be on their own.

Donation Saturdays

We want to continue the work that our Gooseneck community started on June 6th, and pledge to have a donation Saturday, the second Saturday of each month during this Plymouth Farmers Market Season. Fifty percent of all profits will be put toward an organization that is fighting for causes that we are passionate about.

Poor People’s Campaign

This coming Saturday, July 11, we will be donating to Poor People’s Campaign. An organization that calls back to the mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Seeking to combat wealth inequality, racial injustice, and religious nationalism from a place of genuine love for all marginalized people.