At the Plymouth Farmers Market this year we committed to doing what we can to aid our community. We felt an urgency to respond to the events in our country and world at large. It was the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder that pushed us to move and donate 100% of our profits from that week to Black Lives Matter Detroit chapter, Reclaim the Block, and Detroit Justice Center.

That first week of donations, and seeing how strong our community’s support was, we promised to keep going. We called the second Saturday of each month Donation Saturday, and we sought causes to direct our community forward. Though we often had to switch the weekend around, Donation Saturdays were incredibly successful. Throughout the market season, we supported other causes and organizations donating 50% of our profits each Donation Saturday to groups such as Poor People’s Campaign – an organization tracing it’s roots back to the mission of Martin Luther King Jr.,  Preemptive Love – in the aftermath of the explosion in Beirut, we took submissions from local teachers and bought items they were seeking for their efforts to teach both in the classrooms and virtually, and we supported Fair Fight Action in their fight for to make sure the right to vote is being protected for everyone.

While we know that no work has been finished, we look forward to the continuous work in our community and beyond to bring people together in a way that we believe coffee has the power to do. We know that the individuals of our community are strong, and we know that together we are even more. That is why we will continue to say, “Fly Strong. Fly Together.”